Environmental Health Leadership Summit
October 27th


Oct 11, 2019


SALTON SEA (OCT 21, 2019) – State officials met recently at North Shores to give the community a report on the Salton Sea management plan. Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia called it a comprehensive update.

“They gave us dates of the beginning of construction. They gave us an accounting of funds that have been allocated to the project. They also touched on the other projects that are not part of the plan but that are being considered for purposes of community driven opportunities to mitigate the dust problems that are out here,” Garcia said.

Some construction will start in December and some next summer.

Comite Civico del Valle Director Jose Luis Olmedo said it’s important to target the most pressing issues first without forgetting the overall concerns.

“I think all projects are important. But, just to give you a picture, there is a dollar being put on a hundred-dollar problem. And we need to make sure that dollar goes to the most urgent and most pressing needs, and that is to fix the current emissivity, the current areas that are exposed. Because we’re not just talking about dust, we’re talking about Salton Sea has been for over a 100 years a sum for industrial run-off as well as sewage. And whatever has happened in these last hundred years it’s all settled there. Those particles can be very toxic,” Olmedo said.

After the meeting there was a sense that something was in fact being done or at least things were moving in the right direction.

“We certainly got enough information to feel like there is progress being made on the issue of salton sea mitigation,” Garcia said.

For more information on the Salton Sea, please visit www.ccvhealth.org.